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20 U.S. Road Trips With Stunning Scenery You Have to See

Gas prices are at their lowest point since 2009, which makes the idea of a road trip more attractive than it has been in years, especially when the journey is more important than the destination. These trips are for those who like to stop and take in the view -- and maybe do some Instagramming that will make office-bound friends more than a little jealous.
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Why We Opened Our Home to More Than 40 Foster Kids

Jeff and Kelley Lane live in a densely populated area nestled between Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts, in a welcoming home — full of children. Over the last decade, they have fostered more than 40 children, four of whom they have adopted. While foster parenting is not always an easy road to travel, both the challenges and the joys have taught them how to fight for what they know, in their hearts, is the right thing to do.
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What Your Poop Says About Your Health

Whether you like it or not, your poop is a pretty good indicator of your overall health, so when something's off in your excrement, it may be a sign of a bigger problem. Here are the red flags to pay attention to in your feces, and what they may mean. Gina Sam, director of the Gastrointestinal Motility Center at Mount Sinai Hospital, says black poop can be a sign of bleeding in the upper portion of your GI tract.
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What It Means If You See a Teal Pumpkin This Halloween

Trick-or-treating is an age-old tradition, but for parents whose kids can't just eat whatever they get their hands on, it can be a completely stressful endeavor for Mom and Dad—and it may be confusing and not much fun for the kids. What am I talking about? Food allergies, celiac disease, diabetes, food intolerances and other special diets. Link to Story

The American High School Is Obsolete. Let’s Do Something About It.

For nearly two centuries, American high school students have taken essentially the same daily journey: Not long after the crack of dawn, they head to a classroom of about 800 square feet, seated with 30 or so other students. Then they’re lectured to on a topic dictated by an established standard.

The Winter Car Seat Safety Mistake Most Parents Don’t Know They’re Making

but does that mean you should bundle your little one up before you put her in her car seat? The simple answer, is no. It turns out that while it may seem like your child is securely and tightly strapped into her car seat, a winter coat can be a major hazard that can result in a life lost. And while more and more moms and dads are aware that this is a risk, there are still oodles who aren’t.
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Finally, a simple test for celiac disease may be on the horizon

Testing for celiac disease isn't an easy process — in other words, you can't go to the doctor and request a single blood test and get a definitive "yes" or "no." Fortunately, that may be changing in the future, and sooner than anyone had dreamed. A research team in Norway recently broke the news that they are in the clinical trial phase of such a test — a blood test that can accurately diagnose celiac disease. Link to Story

The Challenge of Raising a Child With a Chronic Illness

Kids with chronic illnesses often have to deal with medications, injections, blood draws and medical tests on a frequent basis. while it's is difficult for adults to deal with, it's even more of a hardship for a child, who may not be on board with the treatment plan because it hurts and they don't want to feel different from their peers. Link to Story

How to Beat Down Insomnia Without Any Drugs

Pretty much everyone has suffered through a night of tossing and turning. But for some people, it's the norm. If you have trouble getting consistent, high-quality shut-eye, but aren't quite ready to go the Ambien route (or even the Tylenol PM route), make sure you try these tips first. If you can't sleep, don't wallow in your misery; get out of bed.
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Male barista offers mom a free drink

Julia Wykes brought her 5-month-old baby to Starbucks early in the morning. She'd planned on getting a drink to go, but her little boy became fussy so she sat down for a moment to tend to him. There weren't very many seats available, so the one she chose was close to the cash register. And out of the blue, a customer went to the front counter to complain — about her. Link to Story

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Who's Buried in Westminster Abbey?

London's Westminster Abbey is not only a grand and glorious place of worship, but also the final resting place of monarchs and their consorts, nobility, greats from literary history, composers, and scientists who contributed to the history and culture of England. The English naturalist Charles Darwin was buried at the Abbey shortly after his death in 1882.
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